Update from the APPMG re: COVID19

Dear colleagues of the APPG on Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases,

We hope that everyone is keeping as well as possible during these difficult times.

We wanted to share with our external partners a few updates about the APPMG and where we stand since the new Parliament has begun.

On February 11, 2020, the APPMG was re-established with an inaugural meeting. We are thrilled to announce that Catherine West MP has stepped forward to Chair the group and that Pauline Latham MP, Baroness Hayman, Lord Trees and Tan Dhesi MP have agreed to be Vice-Chairs.

As many partners will know, we have also been working on the recruitment of a new APPMG coordinator. With the establishment of the new officers of the group, a decision was made to move the role of the coordinator to be hosted within one of our partner organizations. With this setup, we hope that the new coordinator will have administrative and logistical support from within the organisation, leaving more time to do policy focused advocacy and engagement work with Parliamentary members. Having the position hosted at an external organisation will also support in the long-term continuity of the role and the recruitment process in general. The decision has been taken to trial this at an organisation for one year and at that time evaluate how this has fared and if any changes are needed.

After consideration of proposals put forward by our partners, the officers of the APPMG have agreed to host the role of the coordinator at Malaria No More UK. We would like to assure our partners that the nature of the role will remain impartial to any one organisation as the coordinator’s main responsibility will be to keep Parliamentarians up to date on issues regarding the fights against malaria and NTDs. The coordinator will remain primarily accountable to the direction of the Chair and Officers of the APPMG, with line management coming from within Malaria No More UK.

 The APPMG will remain focused on issues regarding both malaria and neglected tropical diseases and will continue to maintain a close consultative relationship with stakeholders such as you, the representatives of the UK malaria and NTD communities. 

Our partners have been an invaluable resource to the APPMG over the years in terms of supporting us with updates and information about current issues regarding malaria and NTDs and the UK government’s programmes, supporting with impressive speakers for and the hosting of events for Parliamentarians and also with generous contributions which enable the APPMG to remain active. We hope that we can rely on the continued support of our partners as we move forward in this new arrangement.

COVID 19 and the Suspension of APPMG Activities:

Finally, we also wanted to share the status of the APPMG during the current situation with Coronavirus. We have been notified by the APPG Registrar that all APPG activities involving events with non-passholders must be cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future. We had begun planning meeting themes for the year and will pick these back up as soon as we are instructed that we are able to do so as we are committed to engaging Parliamentarians on the pressing needs of those affected by malaria and neglected tropical diseases.

Due to the suspension of APPMG activities for the safety of all, recruitment for the new coordinator role hosted at Malaria No More UK will be delayed. We hope to advertise the position in early May and hold interviews at the end of May with a view to start the position at the end of summer. We hope that the APPG will be able to hit the ground running when Parliament (hopefully) returns after summer recess.  

The new contact email for the APPMG coordinator isappgmalariantds@gmail.com. The inbox will be monitored but in this transition period before APPG activities resume as normal and until the coordinator starts please forgive any delayed responses.

We hope that our colleagues stay healthy and safe amid this public health emergency.